MBA NSW Benefits to MRCAA Members

The benefits available to Metal Roofing Contractors through Membership of the Metal Roofing and Cladding Association of Australia (MRCAA) and its affiliation/dual Membership with the Master Builders Association of NSW (MBA NSW) include:

1. Discount and Benefits

2. Information

  • MRCAA Members will receive MBA NSW publications and Member emails.

3. Industrial Relations

  • Access to Circulars on IR matters.
  • Information on IR issues.
  • Kept up-to-date with current Industry Codes, Standards, Practices and Legislative requirements.
  • Specialist Industrial Relations Service and advice, including the negotiation of award provisions with unions, rates of pay, long service leave, employee entitlements, redundancy obligations, phone and/or meeting advice service.
  • MBA NSW Member rate for ‘paid for’ services e.g. Individual Flexibility Agreements, Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, wage audits, representation in union disputes, workers compensation requirements, handling of unfair dismissal claims and Code Assessments (Building Code 2016).

4. Work Health and Safety (WHS)

  • Phone and/or meeting advice service.
  • Access to Circulars on general WHS and Safety Alerts.
  • Information in relation to WHS matters.
  • MBA NSW Member rate for ‘paid for’ services e.g. Access to Work Health and Safety (WHS) services and training, including site safety audits and inspections, Workplace Safety Committee Courses, assistance with company and site specific safety management systems, liaison with SafeWork NSW, accident investigations, hazard and risk assessment services, WHS Management Systems, WHS consultancy, representation with SafeWork NSW and document assistance and advice.

5. Legal

  • Phone and/or meeting advice service.
  • MBA NSW Member rate for ‘paid for’ services e.g. Access to Legal assistance and advice, including contract documents (Residential and Commercial), dispute resolution, courses to understand building contracts including PPSR, “Security of Payment” and other legislation.

6. Training

  • MBA NSW is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and currently provides RPL and an assessment service for experienced practitioners applying for the Roof Plumbing Cert III.
  • MBA NSW undertake a broad range of training courses including providing training for the Bonded Asbestos Card and Asbestos Supervisors’ Card.
  • Currently MBA NSW offers Cert III by assessment in 23 trades, numerous Cert IV Certificates, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Building.
  • MRCAA Members may access training courses at the MBA NSW Member rate.
  • Access to broader general business and management training.

7. Apprenticeship

  • MBA NSW is a Group Training Organisation (GTO) and currently employs apprentices across 20 trades including roof plumbers.
  • The three major advantages for a host employer of an apprentice in the MBA NSW GTO include:
    1. MBA NSW carries the injury/workers compensation liability for the apprentice.
    2. The host employer administration support of an apprentice is signing the weekly timesheet.
    3. An apprentice may be handed back to MBA NSW with 2 weeks’ notice.
  • Master Builders will commence a program whereby roof apprentices may be provided to MRCAA Members as host employers.
  • Access to Apprenticeship Programs and Apprentices.

8. Insurance

  • MBA Insurance Services (MBAIS) is a fully fledged insurance brokerage engaging experienced Building Industry Practitioners and provides a comprehensive range of insurance products.
  • MRCAA Members may access MBAIS at MBA NSW Member rates.
  • Insurance products include construction and public liability insurance designed to contemplate the contractual arrangements commonly found in roofing building work. MBAIS can assist MRCAA Members with the following insurances:
    1. Property Insurance
      Insuring all the static assets of the Member, consisting of; Buildings, Office Equipment, Money, Computer Equipment, Tools, Plant and Equipment against loss or damage from Fire, Storm, Theft and Accidental Damage.
    2. Motor Vehicle Insurance
      Insuring the Members motor vehicles for both Own Damage as well as damage to Third Party Motor Vehicles and Property.
    3. Public/Products Liability
      Insuring the Members Legal Liability for both personal injury and Third Party Property Damage resulting from carrying out their Business activities, and their Products, which includes the work performed.
    4. Construction Insurance
      Insuring work in progress, for any loss or damage resulting from Fire, Storm, Theft, Vandalism and Accidental Damage, including cover for any Difference in Conditions or Deductibles where the Principal has arranged insurance.
    5. Contractors Plant and Equipment Insurance
      Insuring the Members Tools, Plant including Hired in Plant, Cranes, Site Sheds, Mobile Plant whilst located anywhere in Australia, including whilst in transit, storage, and whilst being assembled or disassembled.
    6. Insurance Bonds
      An alternative method of providing contractual retentions, which does not impact on working capital, or the available of funding, available via normal lending arrangements.
    7. Professional Indemnity Insurance
      Insuring the Members against legal costs and awards that may be made against them for professional negligence, the cover is geared to Design and Construct projects, but it is increasingly appearing in Contracts, so may be an issue, on other projects.
  • Access to MBA Insurance Services (MBAIS) that are tailored to manage insurable risk such as contract works, liability, home warranty, security and performance bonds, plant and equipment, cars-trucks and fleet, business and property risks, professional and financial risks, personal and domestic risks, premium funding. 

9. Regional Offices

  • MRCAA Members will have access to MBA NSW Regional Offices in Albury, Ulladulla, Gosford, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Ballina, Orange and Wollongong.

Support to the MRCAA

MBA NSW will provide administrative support to the MRCAA where practicable. This support may include but is not limited to:

  • MBA NSW from time to time will provide important Member Circulars and Alerts to the MRCAA for it to co-badge and distribute to its Members – particularly for matters related to the MRCAA Industry Sector.
  • MBA NSW staff may present (when invited) at MRCAA Meetings e.g. an IR update, a presentation by MBAIS, National Technical Services Manager.
  • Where requested by the MRCAA, the MBA NSW may augment the MRCAA relationship with SafeWork NSW.
  • If requested by MRCAA, the MBA NSW may support the MRCAA in dealing with the Government.
  • Access to MBA NSW products such as Technical Guides, Australian Standards, Corflute signage, Commercial Head and Sub-Contractor Contracts, clothing apparel.

MBA NSW Terms and Conditions may apply to this area.